Submitting FILES.

The best way to upload your jobs to us is to first make sure all of your files are compressed into ZIP format (PC) or StuffIt (MAC), if sending several files. Once all files are compressed, we can ensure completion of your job in a timely fashion. When you are ready, click the "Upload a file" button. You will be directed to our You Send It page. Fill out the form and attach your file. It is automatically sent to us.

Accepted File Formats

We accept the following formats of files on both PC and MAC:

Acrobat "PDF": PDF files are a great way to make sure your file comes out the way you expect. Please make sure files have all fonts embedded, and all images are at least 300 dpi. A great way to make sure your files will be properly formatted is by using the PRESS preset within Distiller or the PDF maker. PDF is the preferred format for file submission. However, if you think there will ever be a need to change the file in the future on our end, you might want to send collected design files instead.

InDesign CS4 and earlier: Please package your InDesign files before sending to make sure we have everything we need. Photoshop CS4 and earlier, Illustrator CS4 and earlier, QuarkXpress 7

* Other file formats i.e., Publisher, Corel, Excel, Pagemaker, Powerpoint, Word/Wordperfect, will be converted to the formats above, charges will be applied.

Accepted Image Formats
EPS, AI, Tiff, JPEG (web format only: PNG, GIF, BMP )